Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Boost Your Income Series #4: 4 Tips on Marketing Your Bulk SMS Reselling Business

After building your SMS Website, No business can thrive without customers. And without proactive marketing, your business won’t attract customers. So, the only way to keep your bulk SMS reselling business alive is to attract customers using various marketing strategies.
In this post, we’ll be discussing some proven strategies for marketing your bulk SMS reselling business in order to attract quality clients.
Before I go into that, I want you to keep in mind that some marketing strategies may require you to spend some money. But this financial input is worth it, considering the results you’d get in the end.
Now, here are 4 marketing strategies you should adopt in order to get your business known to potential customers:

1. Text messaging
Each time you find potential clients (individuals or organisations), get their mobile numbers and send them customised text messages advertising your products and services.
You must be able to pass a complete and persuasive message with few words (remember, you have just 160 characters to play with).
Most of the time people read text messages, especially when they’re from strange senders. So, there are bright chances that your message would be read.

2. Social media
Social media is one of the best ways to reach potential customers. Millions of Nigerians are on Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media networks. So, you can really attract many customers through these sites.
First, create a Facebook page and Twitter profile for your bulk SMS reselling business. Then start building a followership gradually – invite friends to join your page, post interesting pieces, share comedy, post puzzles and offer a gift to winners, advertise your business and respond promptly to questions.
For quicker results, you may want to collaborate with people who already have massive followership. Ask them to help you advertise your bulk SMS reselling service to their fans. (Some people would charge you for this.)

3. Forums and Online Communities
Actively participating in Nigerian forums – such as Nairaland and Nigerian Best Forum – is another very effective marketing strategy.
Even though most forums would ban you if you advertise your business blatantly within posts, you’re allowed to market your business within your signature box. (Nairaland has sections for advertising, in which you can blatantly promote your services.)
Create topics that are related to your line of business, such as “Why Bulk SMS Is for You” or “How Bulk SMS Can Grow Your Business”. (But again, keep your business contacts within the signature box.)
The wisdom behind sharing helpful information is to build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your line of business. The truth is, when you offer valuable and helpful information about bulk SMS, they’ll consider you as the go-to person when they need bulk SMS units.

4. Word-of-mouth marketing
Tell everyone you meet about your bulk SMS business. Chances are, they’ll also help you inform others about it. So, don’t feel shy and don’t underestimate the power of this simple strategy – which costs you nothing, really.
In order to boost your chances of attracting quality customers, adopt all these strategies without leaving out any. Though not all of them may work, trying all of them would reveal to you which strategy is working and which isn’t.
In the next post, I’ll be revealing 4 more marketing strategies you can adopt. Stay glued until next week.


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